Midnight Song: Thoughts of Conflict…


moonlight (Photo credit: *Psycho Delia*)

Red Moon

Moon again

I have had a very long day, and am supposed to be sound asleep by now. I am on the first floor of the hospital building, being the doctor to cover for the 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Screeching cars rushing by and screaming motorbikes won’t let me sleep. Lost-puppy-looking questions begging for just a little consideration submit their application letters at the table of my skull. I do not discriminate between cats and dogs, being a lover of all nature -including frogs and snakes. So, how can I turn these seductively nagging questions away. Maybe I just love the medidative calmness that controversial questions bring.
Without darkness, there can be no light:
Where do I start from? Who even started that line of thought? Was the person there at creation? Who said there was no light initially?
Okay! Granted the person was not present at the origin of all. (And I am definitely not asking the bold-faced scientist with hypotheses to step forward. I need some real thing here!) Is it then because of the current state…
(And now a a real human being just came in, needing the doctor’s attention…)
…of things? The evil and the darkness in the human nature as we see it today? So, we say without the realisation of evil, we can appreciate good.
Taking a cue from the origin, the beginner of life was never dead, so he didn’t have to face death to realise the importance of death. There was no threat of death to him.
Introducing the child growing up: he/she doesn’t necessarily have to be abused before he/she appreciates life. Infact, chances are that the child grows up rather on the “gloomy side” of life, the scars alongside thriving in good health, whether hidden or open scars. Give light to a child and you are doing it right by life/nature/providence.
Am I saying that experiencing darkness bears no value at all?
I am saying that the experience of darkness is not necessary for the appreciation of the light.
To come home: I won’t hold any grudge against anyone who paints bold the darkness in the world today. After all, the darkness has ALREADY come.
And now, humanity today probably doesn’t even know how it would have fared in the absence of the darkness. We have no complete clue as to to if we would really appreciate light without darkness. We probably came about this line from the experiences in this same darkness-ridden world, what we have observed, from the deductions these same darkness-affected senses of ours are making.
So, can we at least admit to our limited understanding and observe that:
You don’t have to abuse a child in order to teach the child a lesson…
You don’t have to retaliate or pay someone back in one’s own coin to satisfy some “sense of justice”, and teach senses to one…
You don’t have to cheat on your partner in a romantic relationship in order to show the partner how independent or not-a-looser you are…
And you don’t have to turn a murderer in order to learn the value of life…

Can all these other puppies come back later, please. Mother Bulldog -Sleep barks!

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