The Mad Village Poet -8 (Original)

Description: gate-keeper house at Obertor, nor...

British Butterflies - Gate Keeper

British Butterflies – Gate Keeper (Photo credit: Mick E. Talbot – off line 4 weeks 11/08/2012)

Please refer to my post @ for a background to the story.

It is a good time to play,
Before the night goes astray,
And the dawn brings the clouds
Who love knocking on my window;
Then I wake up on my knees,
Paying homage to the Supreme
Who stands as the Gate-Keeper
To the world of the Supreme Unseen.
One day the pregnant virgin will lay her egg;
And when they hatch, an adult emerges.
He will then stroll up to the stage,
After years of stepping up to the plate,
To pick up the prize.
The penultimate proof of maturity.
The reward for seasons of wandering the white land.

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