The Mad Village Poet -7 (Original)


frog (Photo credit: djuggler)

Frog Bothering 2

Frog Bothering 2 (Photo credit: Stephen Downes)

Sonoran Desert Toad

Sonoran Desert Toad (Photo credit: Lon&Queta)

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Sit still before me.
Listen to the diarrhoea of constipated thoughts
Bleeding from the mind of the virgin.
The blue-blood stain a clear proof!
Wisdom can speak for itself,
Without using loudspeakers.
It can’t be likened to my relatives
-The stout croaky noble frogs
Who shoulder the responsibility of the world.
Dryness is found everywhere these days.
And many times, it also doesn’t croak to be heard.
The parch-throated reader can testify to that.
Wonder if there’s any who understands the line above!
So, let the wise-humoured reader
Venture into this white land
With a cup of water.
And now, the virgin waits to be impregnated!

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