The Other Side: The Night Flows…

English: Climbing the Cow Climbers at play on ...

English: Climbing the Cow Climbers at play on the Cow rock at the edge of Ilkley Moor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Rock Edge Nature Reserve

English: Rock Edge Nature Reserve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Sapling in Loch Doilet Sapling growin...

English: Sapling in Loch Doilet Sapling growing on a rock at the edge of the loch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quietly I sat
Weighed down with the long day behind me.
Meanwhile, the day itself bore no grudges;
It has moved on.
But my mind is still stuck on replay.
Sadly, I am not getting any positive pulses from this experience.

Then, whilst at computer
Poking my eyes with the e-Sword,
I heard Him faintly;
I was encouraged.
I then stuck the sword down my throat,
I felt some passion.
Finally, throwing caution to the flames,
I dived deeper into the sword,

And I feel the lead within my chest fade.
As though strong winds eroded it.
As I felt lighter,
I find me letting go to Him.
Why should I hold back anyway?
Am I cursed with that perpetual desire,
That makes man want to punish himself
-A sort of mock-penitence?
That mindset that nothing good comes easy?

Gratefully, I found me letting go…
Even now…
Reaching in…
Reaching through…
Reaching out…

But, by now, I know too well
That it’s never up to me to find this utopia
I don’t have it in me to be skilled at letting go.
So, I do it the only way I have been taught:
Falling away…
Walking out on this wide platform.
It’s close to an egde.
But, that’s where this liberty peaks.
That’s where I can’t fall away,
Because His realm stretches out far under me.
And He is the one who reaches out to me;
Not I to Him!

Cry of relief.
Tonight is not the night
When I run back into my shadows;
When I resort to self-mutilation and guilt-tripping;
When I give in to the ambient noises,
That madness peacefully resident in me.

Tonight, I’m falling…
Tonight, I’m flying…
Tonight, I’m living…
In His realm wider than the edge.

The definiton…

One response to “The Other Side: The Night Flows…

  1. This is a very imaginative poem, which kept me wanting to read more. I’m very glad I came across your blog, Devine. Good to meet you, Cheryl.

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