Five Minute Friday: Here

Evidence of My Existence by Jim Lo Scalzo

Evidence of My Existence by Jim Lo Scalzo (Photo credit: MediaStorm)

My body is here on the mattress on the floor, weak from hunger, waiting for a game to start -chess.
My mind is far away, thinking of what life should be like; of what life is like in another existence. This existence is the unseen world of the spirits.
Yeah, I know it exists. I am not limited by my two eyes only.
But, here in this body, I feel weakness, hunger, tiredness, weariness. In the other realm, I feel satisfaction, fulfilment, vitality, ebullience.
Am I a spirit?
The other world is real also. Even though I am writing these words of Five-Minute-Friday, there is another unseen side to me.
Should I then leave this visible world altogether?
How do I find the right spot between this life -of frailties, difficulties, worrying over seemingly petty things – and the other side where challenges are met with faith and victory, where strength flourishes in weakness, where in thirst you are filled?
Where is reality?
Where is HERE???

One response to “Five Minute Friday: Here

  1. Sometimes it’s so hard to remember there’s another side of us that we aren’t so well in tune with. And how to find that sweet spot where strength flourishes in weakness, where in thirst we are filled. Such deep thoughts for a Friday morning. 🙂

    Visiting from Lisa Jo’s today. Good to meet you. Have a wonderful weekend!

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