Explained -The Mad Village Poet 4

English: Saimiri sciureus. Français : Saimiri ...

English: Saimiri sciureus. Français : Saimiri sciureus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please refer to my post @ https://ifeelshadows.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/my-idyllic-village-experience/ for a background to the story.

Original(O): “Would you try a monkey in a human court of law?
Why would you bury a monkey beside me?”
Explained(E): Remember how I likened myself to a monkey at times, just for poetic effect? Now, I am trying to excuse myself from any literature criticism. However, this doesn’t mean my writings cannot be criticised.
Nevertheless, remember (from part 2 of The Mad Village Poet) the monkey also does have a say in the arts.
I know though, that when things come right down to it, I will be guilty of poetaster like any other human poet could. I will still be sentenced like, and buried beside, a human being!
O: “Even now, old age is telling on me,
My handwriting a written proof.”
E: I honestly can’t claim being old for the 9 years I have spent in the literal world. My writing can testify to that.
O: “Where is the maturity in writing?
Shouldn’t one just write for a long time?
Many words in many forms;
Then your handwriting will testify to the wealth of experience.”
E: I wish it were true that the more you write, the more maturity naturally comes into your writing!
Sometimes trying to be versatile doesn’t save one either. One doesn’t always get a better result for trying out something different.
O: “Is peace not a weak solution to violence?”
E: Literally, it is weak and non-violent, but usually a very effective one.
O: “But how do you overcome evil with a greater evil?”
E: Please, note that I have not said “violence” because, at times, a greater display of violence is used to quell a lesser.
I did mean “evil”.
O: “Yet one will think oneself to be wise!
Why not throw oneself into a cup of water?
And measure the amount of water displaced,
A true gauging of the vastness of one’s wisdom.”
E: If the wealth of wisdom possessed by any man could be quantified, then removed from the wealth of wisdom in the universe, I wonder if the impact felt will be more than “removing a drop of water from an ocean”.
O: “You think you have experienced peace and joy?
Never like when that first rocky lump of shit fell free;
And relief pacified my painful groaning.
I felt so light I literally floated into heaven!”
E: Apologies for this “shitty” line. It is meant as written. No wisdom behind it.
The simple relief felt from emptying out your loaded cranky bowels!
O: “Am I still writing this long?
Are you still reading this far?
And let none assess the maturity of this piece.
I don’t claim to be a connoisseur.
You think it’s mature?
Go over it again.
You think it’s disorderly?
Go over it again.
You think it’s a mixture?
Go over it again.
You think I am just free-styling?
Go over it again.
You don’t know what to think?
Go over it again.
You think I am bored and jobless?
What does that make one who has read this far?
Why not try hoping I could yet make something of it!
Useless don’t you think.
A good player knows when to fold his cards.”
E: As written!

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