Explained -The Mad Village Poet 3

English: Termites in a mound, Perinet, Madagascar

English: Termites in a mound, Perinet, Madagascar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please refer to my post @ https://ifeelshadows.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/my-idyllic-village-experience/ for a background to the story.

Original(O): “A very long day it feels like;
And long before the night is over;”
Explained(E): When sleep doesn’t come after my kind of easy day, the day really feels long. Also, a sleepless night is not any better.
O: “When the guarantee for a goodnight’s sleep is expired,
Because it was not refrigerated.”
E: Dim the lights (given there was hardly electricity supply to my cottage hospital lodge) and make the weather chilly, leaving me alone on my king-size bed, and it’s guaranteed I’ll sleep soundly. But, I wrote this during the hot season.
O: “And now I have to drink lukewarm water,
Before my thoughts run dry
And I fall asleep.
Thankful I am not falling through space in a dream!”
E: I would have to console myself and go with what was afforded me.
Sleep would eventually come. Good I almost always end up with more interesting dreams than falling through blank space. There was a time I dreamt I was cooking a meal so delicious -and aromatic -a big rat came along intending to eat the food right off the fire. My dog beside me then drew close to the rat, sniffing and acknowledging to me that the rat smelled quite good. (The rat was completely unaware of the dog, lost in the world of the pot). I nodded, with a grin, in agreement. There I woke up.
O: “Why should I go to work tomorrow,
When my wages have not been paid?”
E: Once or twice they(at the government) attempted to fiddle with my wages. It was corrected eventually. I never did miss a day of work, though I contemplated it. I knew they would have to succumb, as I was the only doctor in the whole district. However, I do remember actively supporting the peaceful demonstration by the other workers at the general workers” lodge. It was also on account of skipped wages. I should repeat with emphasis: it was a completely peaceful demonstration and both parties concerned aired their complaints and responses.
O: “Why should the termites go to work tomorrow,
When their queen was roasted
And resting in peace in my belly?
Does that make me cruel?”
E: Almost anyone who has been in a tropical countryside during the rains has been guilty of eating roasted termites which swarm lit areas at night. The queens are much bigger, their abdomens swollen with eggs with which to start a new colony. Permit me to stop here by saying the roasted termites tasted like tenderized honey.

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