Life’s sad insanity

Lonely Fisherman

“Stop it! Don’t let Him catch you doing that!”
“Cheer up,Pal! You don’t want them to see you hurting!”
“She just told you it’s never going to work out between u two!
But, eh! You are the man! Hold your head up!”…
That’s just the way it is. Tell the world YOU have it all together.
Show the golden foot; hide the clayey.
That’s the way we ride; until the day we die.
Some are good actors at it, I guess!
But, I have never been together.
I stuff up; and before I reach the toilet, the shit’s in my pants!
I get dirty; and after I use d bathtub, the bathroom’s flooded.
I cover up my wounds with cracked crusts and soiled bandages.
And beneath the pretentious pride, I am puffed up with deep bleeding.

///The drought laughs on at the farmer’s promising harvest;
The rain rushes in on Christmas party’s dry morning.
People play in d beautiful meadows in d evening cool;
People labour in the ugly desert in d midday heat.
Some are adrift by the summersunsetty beach;
Some are afloat by the thunderstormy sea.
Isn’t this world a crazy place/stage/an asylum///.

We are actors PRETENDING to be MADMEN on this stage.
Unsurprisingly, we play our roles splendidly well.
Whilst all the madness resident among us eat at us with un-sane appetite.
Till all my brain’s gone, and I’m left with my heart.
Now, this is the part where I’m fed up; and start running out of the Nightmare Theatre.
And suddenly, I’m staring in the face of the Peace-Giver.
I was uncertain, as a bride about to enter the bedchamber on the consummation evening.
But then, the Healer looked at me, as a bridegroom looks at his lady.
I lose my practised pretence, cool, and wits;
I throw my hands, lift my face, and open the only heart left.

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