Morning song

Step upon step

I climb away from the dead

Voices drift in and out of my the head

My whole body still feeling like lead

A little twitching

A little stretching

A little groaning

A little yawning

And immediately I hear it

Before I can even plant my feet

My heart takes to flight

And my whole body suddenly feels light

– I heard: –

“It’s a new day

To walk in the Way

Yesterday is gone

It’s victories and failures done”

– I said : –

Who am I?

What am I?

What do I know?

What can I do?

I don’t know any other world

Where I don’t feel walled

Where I don’t feel heavier and older

Carrying weights on my shoulder

The world outside is generous with sweet deceptions

The inside with sour addictions

And some are content living in the burnin heat, destructive passions

While the others in the dry cold, devoid of passions

Here, I am peacefully living

Life flowing in me like a spring

Morning-maker gives me reason to live a new day

Peace-giver saves me from needless pains all day

Call it an illusion

A dream that beats reality at every junction

A safe cocoon from any monsoon

All other elements in existence dance to it’s tune

Tribute, Mighty Gateman

Author and Weaver of man

Wise possessor of the universe

Keeper of this paradise

You love to the death

You keep from death

Help those who fall on you

You define power, life and what is true

It’s another day to be the fool and weakling

So I can be safe in your keeping

Living out vibrant by a sunsettybeach

While some prefer thirsty on a thunderstormy sea

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