The Last Stand: A prayer for Medicine and Surgery Graduating Class 2009, UCH, Nigeria. (Story 2)

We were packed like sardines into FLT,then CBN(lecture theatres)
Freshers so green,ripe fruits stalked by wide-eyed foxes
We graduated,into PLT&ALT(lecture theatres), visiting cadavers and hearing “words of wisdom”
Recognized medics,we began to flaunt LABORATORY coats&ginormous textbooks
Till Mighty MB1 maimed many,some surviving, others ordered out
Elegant gaits now cautious gaits,we crept out of the Cadavers’ Cradle
Then Fearsome MB2 parted some from us on the firm Path
The survivors just managed to crawl out of the Nightmare Farm
Then we kneeled at the altar of mercy,before merciless MB3 came to demand sacrifices of our lives
Indeed,Deathwrecker’s arrows glided into our midst&painful sacrifices fulfilled
But great mercies spared the rest who wriggled out of stillbirth
And whose torsos now prostrate before the throne of love
For MB4,the terrible Bonecrusher is to break in
And not a muscle will shift,not a lid will close the eye
Not a breath will be unbaited,every heart will be violently palpitating
For God alone it will take to hold our heads up

So many fishes have swam the ocean of time,many gold watches bought&replaced
The confident who came in tough-headed was hammered to bloody caput
Some have successfully done business,others successfully undone by business
Some who came in wedded divorced,others lonesome hearts were comforted
Many ladies have fought over dashing suave bachelors,many men have fought over exquisitely smashing spinsters
Many prophets busted&mountain-buried forever,others found God never to let go
We have witnessed politics and politicizing
We have even witnessed poli-tickling and poli-tricking
Histories have become scars,scars have become history
And now we are making history,to become history ourselves
While some write lifebooks(autobiographies) that will be forgotten
And some forget to write in the book of life
Dear God,I pray,just give me a job in your house as a House Officer
Or employ me as your Family Physician
Aah!!!Whatever Lordy!!!
Just secure tomorrow ,PLEASE.

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