The Midnight Tribute

Other Side

Other Side (Photo credit: Miroslav Petrasko (

All the other members of his kind are fast asleep.
And then it starts!
Gradually, with the deepening darkness.
In stages, as the clock counts further into midnight.
It ticks in tune with his heartbeat.

It starts slowly.
A tiny rent it seemed.
But it was impossible to ignore.
He drops all else.

His heartbeat lags behind the ticking clock;
His blinks hard;
He begins to let his spirit go;
Aggressively throws off all his burdens.

He stares hard at desire in the face
He hears it then, so clearly
And whilst he sat there waiting
The Weaver came for him.

The Gateman to the Awesome Other Side -Uptown Supreme.
The Most High of Sanctuaries
The Architect and Builder of the Upper Other Side
The Weaver of the Life Thread.
The One who gave Birth to Life;
Not just the biological life of flora(plants) and fauna(animals);
Life itself, vigour, passion, meaning, fulfilment.
The Secret Protector of the Weak
The Essence of Spirituality Itself
The Definition of Love
The Designer of Wisdom
The Origin of Power
The Ruler of All
The Light that blindfolds the Sun
The Father of Light that makes “The Illuminated One” cringe in fearful submission
The Slayer of the (Red)Dragon
The Breaker of the (Horned)Goat
The Butcher of the (Proud)Ram
The Scribe of Truth
The True Judge of Justice
The Wright of What is Right
The Gateman to The Other Side

He snatches this midnight watcher
Away to the other side;
And He shows him why
He is called the names above!

In awe, this midnight watcher is wrapped
As he follows suit, not resisting.
All the while
In his heart,
Which now beats faster than the clock,
He considers the Being before him.
And words flow faster than the speed of light,
Endlessly they seemed also.

And he delivers his own outrage of tribute…

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