It’s morning again?



You know how I said I achieved more at night? Well, morning always comes. Today is not about those mornings when I feel robbed of my precious midnight hours; and I want an impromptu solar eclipse to send the world aslumbering again; an impromptu visit from my dear midnight inspiration. Mornings when I feel good from having spent a fruitful night. I know I can always make up for a lost night of sleep much later during the day.
This day, I wake up at mid-day, having slept through the dawn and sunrise. My body is firm, completely defiant. My mind is still drifting between the ecstatic calm of the “dead” and the disturbing bustlings that remind one being alive. (Why can’t we just pass a peaceful life free of twisting in pains (TIPs) and “ROTFLs” (Rolling On The Floor Laughing, as used in IMs); crying and laughing; chasing shadows and being chased by reality; and giving birth only to watch a beloved die a horrible death from illness, another from accident. Oh, and of course, sleeping AND waking.
And all in one lifetime!
SMH!!! (That would be “Shaking My Head”). Don’t worry about the IMs. I am only protesting having to use long words also.(Should I be envying the cave-man who is unbothered with grammar and vocabulary?)
And then he barges in rudely in a friendly manner -My Life-Giver, Morning-Maker, Night-weaver, Peace-Breather! He is my Inspiration. My Christ! And that is when I find the will to live the day. He taps me on my shoulder, ruffles my ribs tickly, breathes into me, calms my soul THOUGH awake. I yawn,turn my face towards HIM, pay homage, as our hearts meet.
If it’s a morning made by Him, then it’s a good morning again!

PS: You would be right to think I was going to write about not having to wake up. True! But My Morning-Maker turns a bad morning into a good one.

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