The Last Stand: A prayer for Medicine and Surgery Graduating Class 2009, UCH, Nigeria. (Story 1)

We waited by the main gates with elegant gaits
Each a champion from one kingdom
As JAMB the feared gateman
Sparingly picked us out at random
Some labelled leftovers at the end of the queue
Entered by the pedestrian gate and still got ‘Direct Entry’
Still some labelled junks legged it over the fence
And the great procession began the matriculation

All were regarded as the best of the best
Warriors in wisdom’s shining armours&shields anointed with Midnight Candle’s bloody sweat
Some came in Lab/Ward coats,like chameleons to blend with the Academia
Some came in singlets&baggy shorts,like black sheep to duel with the Academia
Some came in pairs,like Noah’s Ark’s animals to consummate their lurve
Many came alone labelled Single And Desperate(SAD),hoping for romantic adventure
Others staggered in with d booze,like mighty god Bacchus/Dionysus to indulge in obssessive pleasure
More others came down the Mounts with the long-lost Aaron’s staff,Solomon’s Ancient Temples of spirituality to convert all-lecturers,lectured ones&lecture theatres
And the last others came in faceless or masked
Each was the best of the best
All in a world of his own form

P.S. JAMB -Joint Admissions Matriculation Board. An examination required for entry into a university.
Direct Entry -An examination alternative to JAMB, requiring 2 years to prepare for and grants entry into second year at a university.
Suegbe Union -a colloquial derogatory term used for christian students in some Nigerian universities.

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