The Mad Village Poet 1 (original)

English: Homo neanderthalensis. Skull discover...

English: Homo neanderthalensis. Skull discovered in 1908 at La Chapelle-aux-Saints (France). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


These are a collection of poems I wrote whilst working in a village/countryside setting. Please, refer to my post @

How fast time runs!
Can it overtake life?
Are they even in a competition?
The rain falls on the sun.
The rivers run fast and dry.
The seas overflow and cease.
Who can see the end of it all?
I am just a lonely man,
tired of keeping the company of a pen and a book.
Boring speechless brothers!
Who can tell a good story?
Maybe a good tale of boredom.
Whilst I shamelessly flaunt my hatred for writing poems.
And am I to regard myself as a thinker?
Are Homo Sapiens better than Neanderthals?
Are spirits better than mortals?
Does the cup of immortality come cheap?
Is boredom so costly?
Am I just another croaky bull-frog, or a quiet cute toad?
Tiredness comes easy; sleep comes hard.
And because of the delay, I have to waste precious ink,
And shed blue blood on white dress.
Many days of some man’s short life are crowded with boredom.
So, let me broadcast my boredom.
Or, is it that obvious?

Oh! And not a bored fellow who has enjoyed reading this piece to tell me that.

2 responses to “The Mad Village Poet 1 (original)

  1. divinewright

    Like earlier stated, it would be abnormal for you to understand those words.
    So I shall later reveal my thoughts.
    Happy reading!
    Hehehehe!!! (Sardonic/maniacal laughter)

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