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Christopher’s Song -EFGH

English: Image of comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake),...

Every evening evil enters,
Enkindling engulfing eerie embers;
Ever enslaving everyman existing;
Everywhere extending everything extinguishing.

Fears flail, forging failures;
Fires flare, fragging futures.
Faithful Father’s flood flows,
From faraway fighting foes.

Gash gray gargoyles gallantly;
Grind green goblins gently.
Glorious God grant graciously;
Great Guardian guide guilelessly.

Hold high his head.
Help him humble-hearted.
Hack his hard heart.
Heal his hurt heart.

Explained -The Mad Village Poet 4

English: Saimiri sciureus. Français : Saimiri ...

English: Saimiri sciureus. Français : Saimiri sciureus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please refer to my post @ for a background to the story.

Original(O): “Would you try a monkey in a human court of law?
Why would you bury a monkey beside me?”
Explained(E): Remember how I likened myself to a monkey at times, just for poetic effect? Now, I am trying to excuse myself from any literature criticism. However, this doesn’t mean my writings cannot be criticised.
Nevertheless, remember (from part 2 of The Mad Village Poet) the monkey also does have a say in the arts.
I know though, that when things come right down to it, I will be guilty of poetaster like any other human poet could. I will still be sentenced like, and buried beside, a human being!
O: “Even now, old age is telling on me,
My handwriting a written proof.”
E: I honestly can’t claim being old for the 9 years I have spent in the literal world. My writing can testify to that.
O: “Where is the maturity in writing?
Shouldn’t one just write for a long time?
Many words in many forms;
Then your handwriting will testify to the wealth of experience.”
E: I wish it were true that the more you write, the more maturity naturally comes into your writing!
Sometimes trying to be versatile doesn’t save one either. One doesn’t always get a better result for trying out something different.
O: “Is peace not a weak solution to violence?”
E: Literally, it is weak and non-violent, but usually a very effective one.
O: “But how do you overcome evil with a greater evil?”
E: Please, note that I have not said “violence” because, at times, a greater display of violence is used to quell a lesser.
I did mean “evil”.
O: “Yet one will think oneself to be wise!
Why not throw oneself into a cup of water?
And measure the amount of water displaced,
A true gauging of the vastness of one’s wisdom.”
E: If the wealth of wisdom possessed by any man could be quantified, then removed from the wealth of wisdom in the universe, I wonder if the impact felt will be more than “removing a drop of water from an ocean”.
O: “You think you have experienced peace and joy?
Never like when that first rocky lump of shit fell free;
And relief pacified my painful groaning.
I felt so light I literally floated into heaven!”
E: Apologies for this “shitty” line. It is meant as written. No wisdom behind it.
The simple relief felt from emptying out your loaded cranky bowels!
O: “Am I still writing this long?
Are you still reading this far?
And let none assess the maturity of this piece.
I don’t claim to be a connoisseur.
You think it’s mature?
Go over it again.
You think it’s disorderly?
Go over it again.
You think it’s a mixture?
Go over it again.
You think I am just free-styling?
Go over it again.
You don’t know what to think?
Go over it again.
You think I am bored and jobless?
What does that make one who has read this far?
Why not try hoping I could yet make something of it!
Useless don’t you think.
A good player knows when to fold his cards.”
E: As written!

Explained -The Mad Village Poet 3

English: Termites in a mound, Perinet, Madagascar

English: Termites in a mound, Perinet, Madagascar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please refer to my post @ for a background to the story.

Original(O): “A very long day it feels like;
And long before the night is over;”
Explained(E): When sleep doesn’t come after my kind of easy day, the day really feels long. Also, a sleepless night is not any better.
O: “When the guarantee for a goodnight’s sleep is expired,
Because it was not refrigerated.”
E: Dim the lights (given there was hardly electricity supply to my cottage hospital lodge) and make the weather chilly, leaving me alone on my king-size bed, and it’s guaranteed I’ll sleep soundly. But, I wrote this during the hot season.
O: “And now I have to drink lukewarm water,
Before my thoughts run dry
And I fall asleep.
Thankful I am not falling through space in a dream!”
E: I would have to console myself and go with what was afforded me.
Sleep would eventually come. Good I almost always end up with more interesting dreams than falling through blank space. There was a time I dreamt I was cooking a meal so delicious -and aromatic -a big rat came along intending to eat the food right off the fire. My dog beside me then drew close to the rat, sniffing and acknowledging to me that the rat smelled quite good. (The rat was completely unaware of the dog, lost in the world of the pot). I nodded, with a grin, in agreement. There I woke up.
O: “Why should I go to work tomorrow,
When my wages have not been paid?”
E: Once or twice they(at the government) attempted to fiddle with my wages. It was corrected eventually. I never did miss a day of work, though I contemplated it. I knew they would have to succumb, as I was the only doctor in the whole district. However, I do remember actively supporting the peaceful demonstration by the other workers at the general workers” lodge. It was also on account of skipped wages. I should repeat with emphasis: it was a completely peaceful demonstration and both parties concerned aired their complaints and responses.
O: “Why should the termites go to work tomorrow,
When their queen was roasted
And resting in peace in my belly?
Does that make me cruel?”
E: Almost anyone who has been in a tropical countryside during the rains has been guilty of eating roasted termites which swarm lit areas at night. The queens are much bigger, their abdomens swollen with eggs with which to start a new colony. Permit me to stop here by saying the roasted termites tasted like tenderized honey.

Christopher’s song -ABCD

English: St. Christopher, Pott Shrigley

English: St. Christopher, Pott Shrigley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A fair weather alights,
At dawn after calm dreams;
A day that starts aright,
And makes a man placid as a stream.

But behold baneful blackness,
Brutely blasting abroad blessings,
Bestowing but brief brightness,
Bequeathing but belated blessings.

Caring Christ carry Christopher’s crosses;
Clearing clouds, cast clarity;
Competently cutting crippling curses;
Completely cover cum ceaseless charity.

Dusks dawn and days end.
Dear Lord bid danger subside;
Dress wounds, dinner and bed;
Dwell and guide, beside and inside.


Today’s Weather Song: calm, lonesome thoughts.

In prayer

In prayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sky was bright this morning
Reminding us of an end to mourning
As we sail through the gloom
That hails us towards doom

The mid-day was warm
Reminding us of death to the worm
As we creep through life’s swamp
That left our souls damp

The sun at noon was hot
Reminding us of life’s hurt
As we see failures each day
That paint colours of gray

The evening breeze today was playful
Reminding us of days we feel playful
As we act as one super-cool
That eventually looks like a fool

Dear God, this night is fine
Remind me of treasures that are mine
As I walk through this life
Where evil is rife