Miscellaneous rantings

It’s midnight and the world is lost in the darkness of slumber. Well, at least my part of the globe!
I am supposed to pride myself in being human and so should feel sleepy.
But, I have been blessed with two lives. One to be lived during daylight. The other in the dark of the night.
I cherish the nocturnal particularly because:
In the dark, my eyes see more clearly the reality of life;
In the stillness, my ears perceive the noise of art;
In the security, inspiration barges in maliciously, having been  denied attention all day;
In the serenity, my mind is actively running through the pages of the daytime-life I have lived; and
While other members of my species slip from consciousness, I am more alive than their sun at midday.
Imagine me accomplishing in 6 hours what they couldn’t in 18 hours; between the still darkness and a lost slumbered world.
My christening…

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